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About Us

Darul Ilm is a Masjid and community centre located in Thornhill lees Dewsbury.
Darul Ilm has been primarily established to cater for the religious needs of the Muslim community.The centre is also a community hub and works hard to promote diversity and understanding between different cultures.
Darul Ilm is a non-profit organisation registered with the Charity Commission.

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It does not matter how much time you have or your level of experience. Get in touch for volunteering opportunities with Darul Ilm.
Call us on: 01924 734 795

Our Projects

Raising Money for cancer research UK with community car wash
Cancer Research Fundraiser
Interfaith Event
Interfaith Events
Feeding the elderly and vulnerable in the community
Ramadhan food parcels for the vulnerable
Community Football Tournament
Community Football Tournament
Heckmondwike Grammar School's Medical society Shoe Box Appeal
Grammar School MedSoc Appeal

To listen to our programs please Click on the eMasjid Live link below,

M Ismail

"Mosques are not just religious institutions but an integral part of the wider community. We are here to serve the community as best as we can. The Prophet (ﷺ) said: He who does not thank the people is not thankful to Allah. What better way to be thankful to the creator but to be in the service of his creation."
Imam Darul Ilm